2021 Force Free K9 Snake Avoidance April 5

"Pioneering dog expert, Penny DiLoreto, is a true leader in snake avoidance alternatives for dog-loving people looking for a method that works but does not justify harm to their beloved dogs. The public outcry and need for force-free, snake-avoidance training without the use of shock are at long last answered here. Bravo!"
Linda Michaels, M.A., Psychology  Creator of the Hierarchy of Dog Needs
Penny DiLoreto's Force Free Snake Avoidance Training has been a lifesaver for my clients. Living in the high desert of Nevada exposes my clients and their dogs to rattlesnakes not just on hikes and walks, but in their backyards. It is a blessing and a relief to be able to offer them a humane and safe alternative to shock collars. Thank you for your work!

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We are the first fully online school that also offers VIRTUAL Group and One-On-One sessions focused on helping our students achieve their pet related goals.

Our upcoming course, Force Free K9 Snake Avoidance, is packed full of videos, interviews with professional snake envenomation veterinarians, expert snake handlers, and written handouts.

This course presents a unique but proven method of training dogs to avoid snakes using verbal and non-verbal (body language) communication between dogs and humans. Without the use of adverse training techniques.

A Few of the Q&A's Collected From Interviews that are Presented During This Course.

FAQ: What is the mortality rate in dogs that a venomous snake has bitten if treatmnt is givn within a reasonable amount of time?

Dr. Karen Seibold, DVM, DACVECCDVM - Answer:  3 - 5%

FAQ:  Do dog that have received the rattlesnake vaccination need to be seen by a Veterinarian if bitten by a venomous snake?

Dr. Karen Seibold, DVM, DACVECCDVM - Answer:  Absolutely.  We see that some vaccinated dogs have a delayed response to the venom externally, but they still suffer with clotting problems and pain. 

FAQ:  I have herd that snakes are blind while shedding their skin and thus more apt to bite.  Is this true?

Expert Snake handler, Tom Derr, Owner Snakes and Rattlesnake Rescue.  Answer: Yes.  A snake that is about to shed is what we refer to as being "in the blue." Once the cloudiness clears up, within a week, the snake will start shedding. 

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