New Puppy
Potty Training Class

Easy to understand video, audio, and text formatted lessons.  Complete Potty Training e-book included
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Mistake #1.  Too Much Freedom

Giving your new puppy freedom to roam free is like taking the diaper off a baby and letting them crawl around in your home.  Accidents are going to happen! Join our New Puppy Potty Training Class for more information.

Mistake #2 Supervision

Unsupervised puppies can have accidents without you knowing. Environmental control is the key. Join our New Puppy Potty Training Class to learn how you can start controlling your puppy's environment today.

Critical Potty Breaks

This New Puppy Potty Training Course will teach you the six critical times necessary to take your new puppy out for potty breaks.

Potty Training Do's & Dont's

Learning what TO DO when teaching your new puppy not to potty in the house is just as important as knowing what NOT TO DO. This course will help you set yourself and your new puppy up for potty training success.
Achieve your goals of having a well potty trained new puppy

New Puppy Potty Training Course

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Danielle and her dog Charlie
To be honest at first I was skeptical about online dog training classes.  Penny and Universality quickly became a major benefit to me.  The course is well laid out and Penny is to supportive.  Thank you Penny and TLAD University.  I would recommend this program to anyone with a new puppy.
Dorie and Family - Dog Roxy
Senior product manager
I am lucky enough to be part of the founding member group for Think Like a Dog TLAD University.  I have learned so much for Penny prior to her launch of the University that I could not wait to see what was in store for me once I joined. I am very grateful to be part of this team.
Austin and his dog Monet
Senior product manager
I want to thank Penny and TLAD University for thir continued support.  The class was fun and interactive and my instructor, Penny was always there supporting me and ready to help.  I enjoyed the class tremendously and look forward to taking more class at TLAD University in the future.
Achieve your goal of having a fully potty trained new puppy

New Puppy Potty Training Course

Penny DiLoreto

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Author. Owner  K9 Resort and Spa and TLAD University
About me
With over 20 years of experience working with dog lovers in the  San Diego area, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with people outside of my community.  This online and virtual program is perfect for reaching out to anyone who needs help with training a new puppy or order dog.  I can't wait for you to get started today!
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