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Exciting News
Our partners at Dig Direct have a great way to help Non-Profit business supply excellent products to their members and receive cashback for every purchase.
Go Big In 2021
We want to share the love!  The animals and or people your non-profit helps come in all shapes and sizes.  Whether big or small, you are there for them.  In 2021, we want to share some BIG LOVE!
Your Online Store
Your non-profit origination can provide products to anyone.  It doesn’t matter if they’re sitting at home on the couch, on their lunch break at work, they can browse and purchase the items they want online.

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For everyone that loves Giving and Receiving

Earn Cash Weekly

Earn cash weekly on product sales through your non-profit's own online Lifestyle Store.

Free Online Store

Register to receive your non-profit's online (free) Lifestyle Store.

Earn Monthly Bonuses

Earn redeemable reward points (weekly) from product sales in your non-profit's online Lifestyle Store

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Turn your followers into SuperFans and earn additional redeemable reward points.

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