Why Dog Training Doesn't Work

Penny DiLoreto, CPDT-KA

Hi, Followers, Penny Diloreto, CPDT-KA here.  In today's blog, I give you three reasons why dog training won't work.

Why do people hire dog trainers in the first place?

 Working with pet lovers and their dogs for over ten years, and have found there are multiple reasons people hire trainers to help with: potty training, crate training, destructive behavior like digging up the yard, or chewing on the furniture. They have dogs that pull on the leash during walks, jumping on visitors, barking while in the car.  The list is almost endless.

So, why am I wring in my blog that dog training won't work?

I'm going to give you three reasons.

#1.  Thinking that dog training provides instant success.  Dog's are eager to learn, especially if the training session is fun, and will respond quickly. But long-term success depends on forming a habit, and habits are formed by repetition.  Think of training your dog as if YOU were learning a new skill.  Depending upon the skill level you want to achieve, it could take weeks, months, or even years of daily practice to reach your goal.

#2.  Inconsistent training.  Think how confusing it would be if you were learning to drive a car, but the rules kept changing.  Yesterday, a red traffic light meant you were supposed to stop, but today you are told a red light is a symbol for slowing down and proceeding with caution.  Consistency is a necessary component of practice, and practice is an essential component of forming habits.

#3.  Absentee Pet Parent.  Hopefully, by now, you can tell where I'm headed.  Without practice and consistency, no amount of training will be adequate to change your dog's unwanted behavior.  Who does your dog trust more than anyone?  You.  Unless you are willing to accept that you are a necessary part of your dog's training the money you spent on that expensive dog trainer will be wasted.  Your involvement in the practice and consistency is essential to reach the goal you have set for your dog's behavior.

I have been teaching dog lovers how to bond, build trust, and work with their dogs to change their unwanted behavior for over ten years, and I'm here for you too.  Check out the Virtual and Online classes I have to offer


What Our Students Have To Say

 The course materials were excellent, the mentoring approach was excellent. Penny did a great job of communicating and making it a more intimate arrangement. A lot of online courses fail because of the isolation, unlike Penny and TLAD University.
To be honest  at first I was a skeptical about online dog training classes.  Penny and TLAD U quickly became a major benefit to me. The courses are well laid out and Penny is so supportive.  Thank you Penny and TLAD University. I would recommend this program to anyone with a new puppy.
I would like to thank Penny & TLAD University for their continuous support. The classes were fun and interactive and my instructor, Penny was always there supporting me and ready to help. I enjoyed the classes tremendously. I look forward to taking more class with TLAD University.

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